Travel Diary: Trip To Saint Martin


I just realized that going away for our anniversary (except for the one I gave birth a couple of days before our anniversary) has become our little tradition and I love that for us! 

We aren’t really big on gifts but traveling together fuels us individually and as a couple. So this time around for our 6th year (crazy to say) we went to Saint Martin and it was amazing!

From the days leading up to our trip and all the planning we were very excited to finally get some R & R. Walking out of the airport after landing we knew we made the right choice in going to St Martin. The people we met were the kindest people we ever came across while traveling. The scenery was beautiful, Saint Martin really embodied everything that is island life. Like, a few minutes away from the airport we drove past the beautiful marina with all the yachts and sailboats docked as the sun was setting.

As soon as we arrived at our Airbnb we were greeted with the most gorgeous sunset! Since we were traveling as a group we opted for an Airbnb stay. We found a great rental option, it was centrally located, gated, with security and concierge, pool and gym. The unit itself was very well maintained, spacious and had amazing views of both the city and the beach. Here’s the link to it Here.


After settling in, we head out to get dinner at Palapa Grill. We didn’t have a reservation but the hostess sat us at their bar/ lounge area while waiting for a table. Usually when you are told to wait at a bar, you get ready to squeeze yourself into a crowded counter trying to get the bartender’s attention to get a drink. But we were surprised to be escorted to an expansive area with plenty of seating options with a server ready to take our orders to start. We had a great evening there !


The next day we headed to Maho Beach. It is the most popular beach on the Island where visitors go to see planes land. At first, it wasn’t crucial to do, but after experiencing it and seeing the plane so close it was pretty cool. The beach is also very accessible with a couple of bars and restaurants there, so you basically can’t miss it.


After a full day in the sun having fun and relaxing, We then drove to the french side. The restaurant we initially wanted to go to was closed.

Most restaurants on the French side close their kitchen early, but stay open for drinks and partying. We went to check out the beach at sun down and ended our night at a small restaurant nearby, called Sky’s the Limit to eat and basically danced the night away as the DJ played kompa. It was seriously the best time, completely unplanned, a core memory for sure!


Next day we did some island hoping for a Day trip to Anguilla. When I found out that Anguilla was just a short 20-30 mins ferry ride away from Saint-Martin I was even more sure about our trip destination. You see the Cap Jaluca resort in Anguilla has been stuck in my mind ever since seeing it on IG a couple of years ago. But I knew that it wouldn’t be somewhere we could stay at any time soon, nonetheless for some reason, I added it to my vision board on new year’s eve last year. Talk about a wink from God when I found that out I could quickly hop in and experience one of my dream resorts. A stay wouldn’t have been possible (yet) but having lunch there more than made up for it!

So let’s take a few step backs about the process of actually getting there.

There’s two options, taking the ferry on the dutch or the french side.

If you choose to take the ferry on the Dutch side:

– A longer ferry ride but the route is more scenic .

-Tickets have to be booked in advance (at least the day before)

-If you are driving your own car parking is free and you can park at the ferry office

Leaving from the french side:

-Shorter ride, but the route is not as scenic

-Tickets can be bought on the same day

-Tickets cost less

-Parking is also free, but it’s street parking so it would be your responsibility to make sure you are parked in the correct area, to avoid towing.

Both Ferry offices have very similar schedules and you do need to bring your passport to board the ferry.


Once we arrived in Anguilla, we took a taxi to the Four Seasons Anguilla for a spa day. The resort was huge. You can tell they put a lot of thought behind keeping the grounds private and exclusive. As expected, the staff at the spa were very attentive to our needs and also very accommodating. After our treatments we  spent a couple hours chilling and relaxing at the spa amenities. It must have had to do with how they schedule their treatment because even though the common area of the spa wasn’t the biggest it felt like we were the only ones there at times.


After the spa, we ended our day trip in Anguilla at the iconic Cap Jaluca hotel. Walking in there felt like stepping in my luxurious vacation estate in Anguilla. And that’s what I love about the Belmond properties. It’s how they are able to make their guests feel at home while still providing the unparalleled luxury. Our lunch setting was picturesque, with the warm sun glazing over the ocean, and relaxing and the food was delicious. 

Since we took the ferry on the french side, we stopped by Rainbow cafe to grab a drink and to again enjoy another beautiful sunset. 

Our last day we mostly relaxed and had a wonderful sunset dinner set up for L’oursin at La Samana hotel. It’s now my 3rd time dining at 3 different Belmond properties and each has left a lasting impression on me every time. They excel at blending seamlessly with the environment the property is set in and embodying their culture in a luxurious way.

Once you arrive the staff’s welcome is warm and attentive but professional, just on point! From the valet attendant, to the hostess, bartender, you name it… they don’t miss.


I don’t know about you guys but the last dinner on vacation is so important for me. It’s like the bow to wrap up the vacation beautifully. I always look for somewhere that will leave us with our bellies full, feeling refreshed, inspired with breathtaking scenery. L’oursin gave us all of that and more. The seating arrangements ensured that each guest got a front seat view of the beach and sunset, and we had the crashing waves and the sailboats in the background. Simply amazing! The menu was so well curated and the servers were very familiar with the menu items. Most of the dishes were personally crafted by Chef Marcel Ravin and some were even from his childhood that his mother used to cook for him. How sweet! 

We left Saint-Martin really happy we were able to discover such a great vacation destination. I sure hope we can come back soon. 

Even though we had a great trip , there are still some spots we didn’t get a chance to go to, let me know if you’d be interested in sharing those.


Til our next adventure!


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