Thanksgiving has to be one of my top favorite holidays. My favorite because first of all thanksgiving dinner is everything, I love prepping for everything the night before and the day of with my mom and sister. When I go grocery shopping I know that everyone there is someway or somehow preparing for their thanksgiving dinner as well. I like to think that around that time we all are connected and are sharing something in common. Thanksgiving is also a stalling situation for me , if i may say lol, because we are in the holiday spirit and we know that the year is coming to an end but we have a couple more weeks to stall and enjoy the rest of the year or take that time to get ourselves ready to hit the ground running come new year.

Finally, although I’m all about being grateful everyday and counting your blessings every chance you get, Thanksgiving is the time to get a birds eye view of all that you have to be grateful for. It’s like a bouquet of flowers that you can put on full display after collecting all the flower stems of blessings throughout the year.

So you may ask what are you grateful for this year?!

Before I share SOME, I say some cause if we go through all of them we’d be here all day, of what I’m grateful for with you, let me share this expert from the book “You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero about being grateful. It goes like this “Gratitude connects you the the truth that you not only have the power to manifest that which you seek but you are the power.” To me this means that when you are constantly in a place of gratitude YOU have the power to manifest all that your heart desires. I totally loved this book, you should give it a read!

I’m grateful that this year, I am learning to understand, appreciate everything that embodies me. I am building the ability to take a step back in order for me to make a teachable moment out my mistakes and perfect my unique quirky traits to authentically be myself and there’s not better feeling in standing flat footed in your authenticity.

 I am grateful for my marriage, I’m thankful that my husband and I have relationship where we both thrive to be considerate towards each other and also to build a strong foundation for our family. It’s not always peachy but knowing that we have a common ground to rest on makes it that much easier to get through our hurdles! I am utterly thankful for our union.   

I am grateful for my job, not only the mere fact that I am employed, but also that God answered my prayers in giving me the job that I have today! Only the good Lord knows how much this has been a constant burden to me. But now every time I am on my way to work and I catch myself not dreading to arrive at work I send out a prayer thanking God for what he has done for me.

I am grateful for all the things that did NOT happen, I was talking to my husband not too long ago about how it can also be a testimony and reference when you are looking back on things that you thought wanted to happen but did not happen looking back at where you are now(run on sentence). It is so beautiful and humbling to look back and see that God’s will and timing will always be better than what we could ever desire, and for that I give thanks to him.

On the other side of the coin, I also give thanks for the things that did happen, I got the job I wanted, our honeymoon was epic, My siblings, and I along with my husband planned this trip to haiti to surprise my parents, I started MY own BLOG! and my list can go on! Instead of dwelling what could’ve been, look at the bright side what YOUR reality is now!  

I’m super grateful for my family and friends, time and time again I was able to just reach out and have them by my side for support, sound advice and some truth!! I love them!   

And as cliche as it may sound I’m thankful that I am successfully learning to be in a constant state of gratitude and THAT is EVERYTHING!


So tomorrow as you gather around the thanksgiving table, clock in at work, as you’re about to meet up with friends, or whatever you plan to do or not do this thanksgiving, as yourself : WHAT AM I GRATEFUL FOR? What happened in the past 11 months that I can smile about? Take a second and look around, I am sure you’ll find one or two reasons to be grateful.

Do let me know in the comments what you are grateful for this year, and share this post so we keep to spirit of gratitude going this thanksgiving.

I wish you all a Happy grateful thanksgiving!     


Photography by Coco Michele    




  1. Johanna
    November 22, 2018 / 1:43 pm

    I am grateful for fam, friends, the opportunities I got this year, learning to enjoy my own company, and learning to lean on God (still working on that lol). Thank you for this post. 💓

    • ElleJoelle
      November 25, 2018 / 11:08 pm

      That’s amazing, sounds like you are progressing very well ! It’s my pleasure🤗🤗

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