Summer Vacation 2022: Paris Highlights

After a couple of horrendous days of traveling we finally made it to Paris for the first part of our trip. Paris is just magical and it was all we needed to start off our vacation. We checked in at hotel West-End and went to shop for some clothes. The hotel was a few mins walk away from Ave Champ-Elysee so we headed over there to do our shopping.

First sights in Paris
Hotel Lobby

We did most of our shopping at Zara and I think I found Paris’s Target equivalent, Monoprix. If you are traveling with babies/toddler/children this is where you’ll find everything you need from diapers, wipes, and baby and toddler food/snacks. 

After our shopping we headed to le Valois for dinner in Montmartre. It has been our spot for Fondue and raclette in Paris. It was awesome to go back with Ezrah and my sister this time around.

Dinner at Le Valois

The next day we got ready for a full day of exploring. Last time I was in Paris I promised myself to visit Opera Garnier when I came back so that was our first stop. We took the metro to place du trocadero first to grab our mandatory Hotdog gratine and took the metro again to the Opera.

My word is this place is stunning and grand!! The architecture and attention to details in each corner of the establishment is next level. It is said that back when it was inaugurated this is where you would go to see and be seen and the architect, Garnier, carved out his plans to give the place that exact feel of grandeur and to enhance the women’s beauty as well as the gowns.

Opera Garnier is definitely a must when in Paris. I hope next time I go back it is to actually see a ballet like Swan lake or Giselle and really be transported back in time.

After our opera visit , stop by thee most stunning looking starbucks for some refreshments. Before taking a 20 mins walk to Le Louvre. Keep in mind that we purchased our tickets in advance which is time saving.

We first headed to see the Napoleon Bonaparte apartments and the Italian arts side to see the Mona Lisa.

The apartments were stunning, there was a breathtaking giant chandelier that took all of our breaths away! It was heartwarming to see the kids taking in the sights as well.

Although the Monalisa was the main attraction , what really caught my attention was the painting of Jesus’ first Miracle, turning water into wine. The painting is gigantic and so detailed, it was really impressive.

After some more exploring we left the Louvre to the fete foraine (fair) nearby at the Tuileries Garden. We took the Ferris wheel and got some amazing views of the city and we could even see the Eiffel tower. After the Ferris wheel we grab dinner at the fair. There was some live music and fair vibes were perfect to end our evening. Needless to say we were exhausted!

Our view at the top of the Ferris wheel

Last Breakfast

The next day we would get ready for our next stop of the trip: ROMA!!!


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