Good skincare plays a big part during summer for me. Showing more skin means taking extra care of it so it can look and feel healthy, moisturized and best of all GLOWING! So I’m rounding up my summer skincare favorites. They are tried and true products that I’ve been using for a couple years now. So I’m very excited to share them with you. Here we go!

First is my favorite face cleanser, the Clean Skin Gel – Cleanse + Tone from the Sephora skincare collection. I thought I could find a substitute for this but I haven’t found another cleanser quite like it. I love the consistency and how easy it lathers up and works effectively at removing dirt and even left over makeup. It’s a favorite of mine even more because it also acts as toner! I don’t know about you but especially in summer, the less steps in my skincare routine the better! Like I mentioned, it does a fairly good job at lifting off any makeup residue left behind. And I didn’t tell you this but on days where I wear minimal makeup and I’m feeling too lazy to properly take it off, it usually does the trick. I combine the cleanser with my Vanity Planet facial brush and I’m good to go. So yes! Get your hands on this cleanser, I’ve put my sister and my mom on this and they both love it as well!

I go into more details about the cleanser and the Sephora skincare collection Here.


-Next is the Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut scrub. Lifts away all dead skin cells to reveal beautiful radiant skin. Don’t sleep on the benefits of a good facial scrub.


-Not just a summer favorite but my all time favorite serum, the Ole Henriksen truth serum. It is packed with vitamin C and Collagen. Does a perfect job at hydrating, firming and brightening the skin. I have been using it for about 3 years an have yet to find another serum like it, especially in that price range. For more value, I buy it in the 3 Little Wonders  set with Ole Henrisken’s perfecting moisturizer and invigorating night transformation gel.


-I absolutely love the Ocean Salt scrub from Lush. I swear by this, especially for the legs. It scrubs all your sins away okay! It works almost instantly as you can see and feel the difference after just one use. It’s ingredients include lime that’s fermented with vodka! It’s like a drink for your skin, I don’t know what would be a more perfect skincare product for summer than this! For those of us with Keratosis Pilaris you NEED this product if you plan on flaunting some skin this summer.


-Another summer favorite from lush is the Scrubee. It’s a body butter which the formula includes ground almond and ground coconut shell. Those provide a bit of an exfoliating aspect and I love that about it. Use it in your shower after washing on damp skin. For a super hot beach day or when you don’t want to be bothered putting on heavy lotion.


There you have it, my summer skincare favorites! Now you go get your hands on them and get glowing for what is left of summer!


Comment below and let me know what your summer skincare favorites are and do you have any end of summer plans?


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