Scarf print spring trend: 3 outfits under $60 and more!

The pictures used to showcase the clothing items are not my own and were retrieved from the respective sites. The links are provided.


Hello Everyone!

Very excited for today’s blog post and I hope you can make the most out of it.

I’m giving you 3 outfits ideas to get a feel for the scarf print trend. The trend, I must say can be intimidating, it’s a very busy print, you almost don’t know where to look at when looking at it.

So far, I created 2 outfits with my new scarf print skirt and I totally love both. One for each occasion casual and formal!

What I’ve picked up from styling this print is to reach for denim whenever possible and stick to low toned hues that are in your piece of clothing.

Which you can see here, denim works will with everything so adding the chambray shirt really let the skirt do the talking.

And for this more formal outfit, It was just right to pick a peach nude like top as the skirt has similar tones of ivory, nude from there I continued with the same palette with the shoes and the bag.

Here are 3 other outfits that you can go ahead and try on yourself or build from to say up to date with this fashion trend.

Note that these are subjective to what you have in your closet. If you already have some similar items to what I show, save yourselves the headache and feel free to change it to that.

Outfit #1





Absolutely loving this lavender nude vibe that this outfit is bringing! This would be LOVELY for Easter brunch!! And Let’s talk about this bag! I’m not a big fan of the clear bag, but this one was an exception and it is from Amazon! Trying not to sleep on Amazon!

Outfit #2




You are probably wondering what or who da heck is a “chiktay”??? Well, it’s a Haitian dish made of Smoked Herring and onions. Served over/with basically anything like crackers, mini buns, boiled plantains, in Haiti it is at the center of many shindigs! When someone invites you over for chiktay or you are having people over for it, it super casual and comfy attire as you’ll be spending the night with friends having a good time, super chill vibes. This outfit inspires just that, so if you have any backyard gatherings, or having chiktay on Saturday night, or any casual comfy affairs, it’ll be perfect!

Outfit #3




This outfit is by far my favorite! Uber chic but minimal, you only have to slip on the dress! If you don’t get your hands on this, you’re on your own cause I for shooore will!!

Keep in mind that to rock this trend you don’t have to confine yourself to clothes only. Accessories are great idea to ease into it. A favorite is scarves! Add it as a headband, ponytail holder, and even tie on the handle of your bag. Zara and SheIn have some great variety of those. Take a look!

2 scarves from top

Navy/brown ponytail scarf

Pink/white ponytail scarf

Here are other fave pieces you can look into for the scarf print trend.

Links (From top left):

Yellow shirt

Orange/Navy skirt

Off Shoulder Top

Orange/Navy bodysuit

Navy shorts

Tied Pink top


Navy dress

Green dress

Hoping that this post tremendously helps you in trying out the trend!

Comment below if you’ll be giving any of the items a try and let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading!

The pictures used to showcase the clothing items are not my own and were retrieved from the respective sites. The links are provided.

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