Punta Cana travel Diary

We took our first trip of the year to Punta Cana. Growing up in Haiti, all I really knew of the Dominican Republic were things I learned in school from our “Histoire D’haiti” history book. I memorized (to a certain extent lol) all about how at first Hispaniola was one and then separated into two countries: Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I’d also hear stories from my parents of how much of a difference there was between the two countries despite them being on the same Island. I went to Santo Domingo as a toddler with my mom and grandma so I don’t remember much. I was looking forward to finally visit our neighboring country.

The flight to Punta Cana was about 2 hrs long and when we arrived my husband and I were really impressed with how nice the airport was. Although modern they still retained the true Island vibes with the “Ajoupa” style establishment. I thought that was a very nice touch. Right off the bat, they seem to value tourism as everyone is very courteous towards tourists. We had the pleasure to meet Chavannes, a Haitian man who worked at the airport, he offered his help in guiding us around in where to find good restaurants, places for excursions, etc. Although we had our activities planned beforehand, him offering such kind help and sharing his story with us really made a good impact on me.

That is one of the things I love about traveling, the opportunity that you get to learn about another side of the world through someone else’s perspective. Occasionally meeting some wonderful people to make a lasting connection with or sometimes they leave a great impact on you by sharing their story or how they treat you. This reinforces my belief that God is still working out some good in this world!

After landing we headed straight to the hotel, BlueBay Grand Punta Cana. I was very pleased with our stay. The hotel was beautiful with very pleasant staff. Although all-inclusive, they offered a variety of restaurants that you could choose from and the buffets for breakfast lunch and Dinner. There were a French steakhouse and an Asian restaurant. Hubby was very happy with the churrasco and I was a happy gal with my tuna tartare!

Our room was very spacious, we stayed in the rooftop penthouse, so we were spoiled with a large terrace with a Jacuzzi. Win!

In addition to the resort being beachfront property, the pool traced the middle of the resort.

There’s not much reason to leave the resort because they offer daily activities and nightly shows but we had to go out and explore. Our first outing was to Cap Cana, the most exclusive side of town and oh was that true! We were really in for a treat. Headed to lunch at the Ancora resort, It’s like a village there, they have a marina and extensive resort that transports you to the French Riviera. This resort is to become a 4 Diamond hotel by next year, that’s how posh this place is!

We had a brief look at Casa de Campo, one of the Luxury Retreats properties and if you follow Luxury Retreats on Instagram you know these properties are breathtaking and super exclusive. We didn’t even get a chance to go inside any of those properties but just a look from the outside, I was floored. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures to share with you guys because we were on our way to Saona Island, picking up some other attendees with the tour guide bus.

Saona Island is a government protected nature reserve and is also famous for having being used as a backdrop for the movie Blue Lagoon. This Island is miles and miles of white sandy beach and coral reefs. We got to enjoy the beautiful scenery by Catamaran and Speedboat and then relaxing on the beach. After relaxing on Saona Island it was then time to head to Altos De Chavón in La Romana!

Altos de Chavón was definitely worth it, entirely sculpted of stone, the place is a re-creation of a 16th-century Mediterranean Italian village. It was inaugurated in 1982, but upon entering is like stepping back in time! Altos de Chavón houses restaurants bars, a museum, a very nice chapel, and a 5,000 seat Grecian style amphitheater where many famous artists like Frank Sinatra, performed. Finally, Altos de Chavón sits 300 feet above the Chavón River. That was the cherry on top, the view is breathtaking.

Side note: Any bride thinking of destination wedding, please check this place out. It’s very popular for weddings, we arrived while they prepping for a wedding ceremony. With the chapel, it adds a very romantic feel.

Totally exhausted and sun-beaten after such a long day we were so happy about our tour. I’ll add the link to the tour here in case you guys want to check them out.

Back at the hotel, we got ready for our last dinner at the beautiful Bluebay resort and the next morning had breakfast and took a nice stroll through the resort to take it in one last time.

Short but oh so sweet this was definitely a great way to celebrate our first year anniversary as husband and wife. I also want to thank you again for your prayers and wishes towards us. They are truly appreciated.

And thank you for reading, Have a great weekend!


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