My Fall 2019 Bucket list

Fall time is here aka sweater weather! Getting into all things Fall is very exciting for me from fall fashion to fall candles and, of course,the beginning of holiday season

Well to contain the excitement,I had to jot down all the things I want to experience this fall. So I’m sharing with you my Fall 2019 bucket list! Keep reading!


  • Indulge in hot fall drinks. (Not that I ever need a reason to indulge in some hot cocoa, I love hot cocoa!) Last year I fell in love with chai latte and then proceeded to create this delicious malt milk hot Chai latte, and malt milk hot cocoa, ah so delicious! But this year I want to create pumpkin spice based hot drinks and see what the hype is about. I will let you know what I come up with.
  • Have a Fall Bath and Body Works run!  I’m very big on smell (good smell that is), as scents can transport you back to a different time and remind you of a beautiful memory, also help you create great ones. I want to stop by Bath and Body Works and stores like Yankee Candle,  to stock up on some Fall scented candles, hand soaps or even diffuser oils to have my house smell like a gingerbread/apple pie bakery lol. I’m looking forward to getting candle that crackle as they burn, which totally gives fireplace vibes. So alls I have to do is crank down the AC, curl up with a blanket, while sipping on fall drink, and there you have it, Fall in South Florida!
  • Try Fall Recipes! I love food and trying out new recipes is fun for me. Chicken and dumplings as well as turkey roulade are at the top of my list!
  • Comfort with Some fall soups. I’m gonna see if can make tomato bisque and yellow squash soup this time around. Soups are a great easy way to incorporate your veggies, so that’ll come in handy in between holiday heavy meals.
  • Go apple Picking! I’m currently looking for a good apple picking spot so if you know of in any in South Florida, let me know. To be honest, going to one of those would probably be more as a photo opp than anything else (I don’t eat apples, but love the flavor,and scent). I’ve never gone apple picking before plus I think it’ll be a great activity for my nieces and nephews, I can also use the apples we pick to make an apple pie or apple bread pudding. Sound like Valid reasons to me!
  • Which brings me to my next thing. Bake a pie or 2 or 3… lol. Never have I attempted to bake a pie, let alone actually bake one so this should be an interesting experience!
  • Attend an event for Art Basel Miami. If anyone has the plug to attend events for Art Basel this year,slide in my inbox!
  • Host a fall gathering/dinner. I seriously love having my loved ones all in one place, at the same time! And force them to try out my extra crazy ideas (I love Y’all, loved ones lol)
  • Update my fall wardrobe! This year for fall fashion, I have my eye on snake skin boots, leather pants, organza tops, and micro bags.
  • Get fall inspired fragrances. Back to loving scents, I plan on stocking up maybe 2 or 3 fragrances from Zara. Excited to give them a spin.


So there you have it, my Fall 2019 Bucket List! What on yours? Or, do you have one?



  1. Laurie-Yolita
    October 9, 2019 / 3:11 pm

    After reading your post, I am definitely inspired to make one. I’ll keep you posted!

    • ElleJoelle
      October 9, 2019 / 3:13 pm

      You go ahead and do that girl! 👏🏾👏🏾Can’t wait to see what you have on yours 🤗🤗😉😉

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