Memorial Weekend in Washington DC

For Memorial weekend we went to DC. We were excited to see the monuments and museums. Here’s a little recap of the trip.

When we arrived it was a little bit later in the day so we decided to drive around DC a little bit. After taking in the first sights, we ended up in Chinatown where we grabbed some chinese food for dinner and got Ezrah some extra diapers and milk.

The next day after grabbing breakfast at the hotel we went to the National Mall. After stopping by the Harlington Cemetery we then drove to a parking lot near the Washington monument. We walked over to the monument and then to the WWII memorial and ended at the Lincoln Memorial. We went inside to get a closer look, the statue is very impressive up close.

After our long day we went to dinner at L’ardente. And let me just say it was one of the best meals I’ve had. We had the arancini as our appetizer, and for our mains I ordered the Pappardelle and hubs, the Carbonara.  He was torn so he also ordered the Bianca pizza to go and it did not disappoint either. All were so delicious. The ambience and service was just as good!

On Sunday we started with brunch at La Vie on the wharf. At first I was attracted to the restaurant because of the beautiful view it provided and the decor was impeccable, I thought it was a good idea for brunch. It was another 10/10 for service and food! For brunch they offered a base price that included access to a full a la carte brunch menu . We had a blast trying out almost all the items on the menu, all were super yummy! I’d love to go back to La Vie.

After our delicious brunch at La Vie, we were super full so we walked around the warf for a bit. After that we intended on visiting 2 of the Smithsonian museums. To our disappointment, the tickets for the National Museum of African American History and Culture were sold out. So we went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I’ve wanted to go there since I watched Night at The Museum. I was super excited to see the elephant and even more so for Ezrah to see it. We had a great time there and after we left we stopped by for Ice cream. It was Ezrah’s first time having ice cream, he loved it!  After visiting the museum we took the walk back tour car and drove around DC and saw the Smithsonian castle, the US Capitol, the Jefferson Memorial, the White House,  and the Union Station.

It was late so instead of going back out for dinner, we just ordered dinner in and got ready to go back home the next day.

Other restaurants and places we wanted to check out:

The DC food scene and museums has so much to offer and 2 days wouldn’t be nearly enough to experience much.

Opaline, I saw this restaurant while we were driving around after we arrived. It looked like one of those fancy restaurants that appeared in scandal. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating and their french menus look promising as well.

DLena. Hap plans for dinner there on our last night but as I mentioned we decided to stay in. It is said to serve authentic Mexican cuisine and has wonderful decor. Their menu options looked delicious.

After we got back I found out there was the Museum of The Bible in DC. I was shocked I didn’t know about it before our trip. We would’ve loved to go. I found from Milena Cicitto on her stories, the museum was full of history about the bible, original manuscript of the bible, and you can even have your name written in Hebrew. Next time we are for sure going.

If you are traveling with Kids:

This was our first trip with Ezrah that included lots of exploring, not like our last trip to Cabo with him where we were just living our best resort life relaxing and chilling. I definitely learned a few things. Here’s what I’ll be doing differently next time:

The first would be to head to the museums first in the morning and leave the sightseeing for later in the afternoon.

The second would be not skip out on naps. Ezrah was fussy and just irritable because he was getting his full naps in, so next time I’m definitely scheduling for us to head back to our rooms so he can catch his nap.

Although it was quick and a bit exhausting, I’m glad we were able to take this trip. Making memories together as family will always be my favorite part of us traveling together.


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