Los Cabos Photo Diary Our First Family Vacation


We are back from our first vacation as a family of 3! It didn’t come without its challenges but the memories we were able to create with Ezrah and also as a couple were amazing and we are already looking forward to our next one.

First I know the main question everyone wants to know about is how  Ezrah did on his first flight. Our champ did way better than we’d expect. The first flight was a bit of an adjustment for him because of the air pressure in his ears. In addition to feeding him before take off and landing, to help with the air pressure, I held him upright against my chest with a hand over his ears. My mom actually gave me that advice. If anyone knows about traveling with a baby, it’s my mom! She had to travel with us since we were babies and on numerous occasions she had to do it alone, so she knows! I don’t know if it’s the closeness and comfort it gave him but that worked like a charm. I didn’t even bother to stress about feeding him while taking off because he was fine without it.

More about my experience with Traveling with a baby will be on a dedicated blogpost. 

So we went to Los Cabos, Mexico. I’ve been wanting to go for so long and the flight wasn’t so long. The marriage between mountain side, beach side and dessert vibes makes it such a beautiful destination.

We stayed at Garza Blanca Los Cabos. The resort is seriously so stunning and the fact that it also had an all inclusive plan was even better. 

The rooms were very spacious and very nice. The staff of the resort were so professional yet very warm and inviting. Nothing was too much to ask, they were super accommodating.

We were in awe from the gate as they welcomed us “home” and we received a champagne welcome! Like who doesn’t love that!

When we arrived it was late so we just ordered room service, ended our night and went to the pool the next day!

Ezrah’s Shaded Floaty

The resort has so many pools, this is actually one of the excuses for coming back because we didn’t have time to enjoy all of them!

Where we had breakfast everyday at Garza Blanca

In the afternoon we had a sunset boat tour scheduled to see the famous Cabo arc. After seeing the arc, we experienced the sunset right in the middle of the ocean. Actually 2 oceans and you feel the difference between the two. It was so romantic being lulled by the waves, Claude and I had the best deep conversations about life, us and becoming parents. It was simply amazing. For the past six months we have been on the go, so having this vacation was something we were so looking forward to.


After the boat ride we went back to the hotel for drinks and a late dinner at their rooftop restaurant, it was perfect to end our romantic night.

Shoulder bag
Bodysuit | Sandals

On day 2 Claude insisted we go find the best authentic tacos. We found them at Las Guacamayas! The best volcano tacos i tell you. Claude was humming and dancing while eating and If you know him, my husband does not dance and hum lol , that’s how good these tacos were. We also had this melted cheese with beef dish that was also to die for! Ezrah even tried his first tortilla !!

“Straight out of a Telenovela” as my sister said! Had the best volcano tacos
Travel Stroller
Tunic | Denim Shorts | Sunnies
Tote Bag| slides

Next day we headed to Sunset Monalisa for Dinner, one of Cabo’s best restaurants. The views were seriously stunning and the service was great. The food was just okay but for views like that I would say it’s definitely worth trying at least once. They also have live music which adds to a great atmosphere.

Pictures at Sunset Monalisa taken by CutBack photography


DressSimilar | heels | shoulder bagSimilar

Our last night and day there was pretty chill because there was a hurricane approaching so the resort restaurants were closed and the pool didn’t seem so much like a good idea, especially with a baby. Although uneventful, I think it was a good end to our vacation. We had a chance to sit in, relax and revel in this moment.

Rooftop infinity pool at Garza Blanca

Cabo was everything I expected and more. This is definitely somewhere we plan on going back multiple times.


Leave your questions about our trip in the comments. I’d be happy to answer them!

As always, Thank you for reading!



  1. Lynn
    March 13, 2022 / 2:36 am

    Great posts! Did u go to the arc with your son? How was it? Im planing my trip there with my 17month old and im thinking that might not be a good adventure for her

    • ElleJoelle
      March 18, 2022 / 10:44 am

      Hi Lynn, Thank you!
      We did not and I would agree. The boat tour did not accommodate strollers so that was our cue that it may have been best not to bring him. I’m glad we did because the waves were super strong at times so it wouldn’t have been a fun time for him.
      Thank you for reading!

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