Hello everyone! If you follow me on Instagram (and if you are not you totally should!) you may have caught our pregnancy announcement. After moving, so much has happened since then, my husband was involved in a bad car accident but miraculously he came out without a scratch and despite it being a pretty stressful situation especially while pregnant, the baby is doing amazingly well and kicking around a ton nowadays. We also were dealing with family illness. We are slowly coming out of this fog and I thank God everyday for keeping us safe and sound thus far. I wanted to come back and share some a bit of a pregnancy updates with you all, like how I found out and BABY’S GENDER!

I always wanted to be a mom and love babies, that’s something I’ve always been sure of and excited about from a very young age. My mom had this baby book (kinda like What to Expect When You’re Expecting) when I was a little girl, I remember reading the entire book over and over, daydreaming of one day having my own baby. Needless to say I’m super excited and so is hubs!

We found out early June, which seems like such a long time ago….I wouldn’t say that it was a huge surprise for us because we decided on officially trying in September. God and Baby obviously had other plans! I was a couple of days late on my cycle but I’m fairly irregular so I didn’t think much of it. I took a pregnancy test but it was negative. This became a running joke with hubs and I because he would ask: “you’re sure you’re not pregnant?” and calling me “preggers”. What kinda put me on was that I was extremely sleepy, like legit could not keep my eyes open. So I took another pregnancy test after being a week late this time it came back positive! GASP!!! 

Hubs on his ends would consistently tell me to take another test but I would brush him off as much as I could to get my props ready to tell him the great news. It was around Father’s Day weekend, which was perfect, so I bought him a father’s day card, one for my dad that was for grandfathers along with a couple of onesies and another pregnancy test not only for him but also for me because I still couldn’t really believe what was happening. As I was walking the aisles of Target looking for the onesies, I kept on replaying the night before in my head, telling myself “girl you’re pregnant! for real it’s happening!”

Later that night, in a small box, I packed my, indeed very positive, pregnancy test along with the onesie and Father’s day card. I left it on his nightstand, he wasn’t suspicious because he had been making multiple orders online and they were constantly coming in. He was very excited and happy once he realized why there was a Father’s Day card in the box! More excitement followed after telling our family and friends.

It is truly a wonder that I get to live everyday, knowing that we made a baby together and that it’s growing inside me. 


First Trimester Woes!

Right after I found out I was pregnant it’s like the symptoms came crumbling down. I was constantly peeing, felt super nauseous, definitely not feeling like myself. The simplest task like taking a shower required a lot of mental effort from me, I was uninterested and not motivated to do anything. It was so bad that I searched and googled if there was a thing such as “Pre-partum” depression. Apparently it is normal to have these feelings at the beginning of your pregnancy and my doctor suggested I consume less carbs and get some exercise in as that could help with the depressive symptoms. 

To top it off, I did not have much of an appetite, I could not stomach rice, I didn’t even like chipotle anymore and if you know me chipotle is my favorite! But then once I’d get hungry that would make me nauseous if I didn’t eat something right away. 

I only liked avocado toast with orange juice and every night I had to have one of these 3: cream of wheat, bowl of fruity pebbles cereal, or hot chocolate made with powdered milk. 

I still remember when I started gaining my appetite back, it was around week 12 of pregnancy, on a Sunday night, I randomly agreed to go to Burgerfi with hubs. I was a little scared I was going to hate it but it was like the burger came from heaven! From there sandwiches have been my go to.




Smells threw me for a spin as well, when my husband would cook turkey bacon I had to go upstairs, as well as the smell of red meat cooking, I couldn’t stand my husband’s smell either, he still has a perfume that still can’t stand now. I had to change my skincare products and soap too, so many of the smells bothered me. My once beloved facewash and moisturizer had to go. From time to time I still have to switch out my soap.

But thankfully I haven’t vomited once and didn’t experience other horrible symptoms that the first trimester brings.

What is baby’s gender ?


Ever since I can remember, when I thought about having a baby I’d picture the baby being a girl, but once I found out I was pregnant when I thought of the baby, I would picture a boy. It’s like the notion of a girl was completely erased from my mind. My husband, my mom and mom-in-law had dreams of me giving birth to a boy BEFORE I told them. So by the time we were doing the gender reveal everyone was pretty sure we were having a boy and low and behold we were right! We are having a BOY!! I’m even more excited and can barely wait to meet him, hold him and take care of him!



I felt him move pretty early, at 13 weeks, they were just flutters but I was excited nonetheless because that was another way for me to know that he was okay in there besides seeing him on the ultrasounds. Nowadays homeboy’s moves are more pronounced, he kicks, has hiccups, stomps on my bladder with his cute feet. I look forward to his movements everyday!

We haven’t decided on a name yet, mostly because of me lol. I may be overthinking it but I want when I find and decide his name for the heavens to open or for some light bulb to go off LOL so I know for sure that it’s the right name for him. I mean to know that this is going to be HIS NAME, what he will identify as and respond to for the rest of his life, so yeah I’m trying to find the right one. I think that it’s even harder for me when I haven’t even seen him yet.

I’m curious to know moms and if you are pregnant as well and already decided on your baby’s name, how did you decide on it and how did you know it is the right one?

Ahhh I could go on and on about how excited I am to meet my baby and how excited I am for our family to meet him as well. His great grandmother (and self proclaimed god-mother), his cousins, his aunties, his uncles are at the edge of their seat waiting for him. I already burst with happiness when I am thinking about it!

But I’m also making a conscious effort to enjoy the time that I have him inside me and embrace the pregnancy experience with all it has to offer. Even if the wait seems long but time goes by fast and in a blink of an eye it will all be over. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the love on our pregnancy announcement, we really appreciated it!


Talk to you guys very soon!


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