We tend to forget about our dresses during cold months. Granted not ALL dresses will fit Fall/Winter time but some dresses can be carried on from season to season.

I’ll be sharing with you what dresses and what piece you can grab to put together a great warm outfit.

Recently I’ve really enjoyed pairing my sleeveless dresses with blouses. So far I put together 2 outfits like this, with a black button down and zebra print, they were perfect. Other blouses to have are white or cream button down, solid colors and mock neck blouse with a bow to pair with low square neck dresses. Keep in mind to maintain balance with outfits like this. For example, if the dress has prints, pair with solid colored blouse or if the blouse has a mock/turtle neck then pair with low cut dress and vice versa.

Tights/pantyhose are also a very good to Layer and a great sophisticated addition to a shorter dress. The Gucci tights are currently the rave but of course come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, there are affordable options from places like FOREVER 21 or H&M. There are so many options in that category, just keep an eye out for the right ones.

Finally a cardigan, blazer, or leather jacket are perfect to top off a dress in the colder months.

Hopefully this gives you a new perspective on wearing your dresses during Fall and winter time. In case you need any advice on how to layer a dress for Fall/Winter let me know in the comments below.


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