Galentine’s day outfit and date ideas


Happy New Year’s ladies! Anyone else officially started their new year in February?!! January was just a warm up right?! LOL mine sure has! And to kick it off, today I’m sharing some galentine’s day outfit inspo and date-with-the girls ideas for Valentine’s day.


Let’s start with the fits.

First one is a fave, only because I was on the hunt far and wide for this sweater! It was sold out online and in stores they did not have my size available. So imagine my excitement when I finally got my hands on it! Soon as I saw it on the H&M site, I thought it would be perfect. First off the A Paris logo sells it all! Paris the city of love, what better to wear on Valentine’s day. To incorporate the Valentine’s day colors,I paired it with a pair of red pants a nod to the split hem trend. They add a sophisticated flair to a plain pair of slacks, I plan on adding more them in my closet for sure. And to tie up the outfit nicely, I opted for fuschia/hot pink pumps and micro purse.

Second outfit is very dreamy and romantic.

I previously wore this dress for our dream date night at the Plaza Hotel in New York for Christmas Eve and it was perfect! Another nod to a popular trend: the polka dot. This dress can be easily paired with boots, heels or even sneakers. I love the tulle and how it is layered on the body. I also got it from H&M but for some reason it is not coming up online but I’ve been to a couple of stores and they are well in stock. It also comes in black with ivory/champagny dots.


I thought the design and fabric was extremely designer-like. More specifically similar to the Dior 2019 cruise collection. All the more reasons why I love this dress. A timeless designer look for less without sacrificing quality.


Now unto activities!


If you are in South Florida and haven’t done so yet, you have to head over to the Miami Design District to visit the Dior Cafe. Get ready with your girls, wear your most bomb outfit and go for overpriced hot chocolates and frappuccinos and of course take tons of pictures! Then go try on Loubies across the street at the Christian Louboutin store, and stroll past luxury stores like Fendi and Cartier. The perfect recipe for a bougie afternoon with friends! Some would think of this a waste of time. But it’s all about the experience, the memories you create and quality time spent with the people you love. I went with my mom and my sister for our own Galentine’s day date and it was so much fun! It was just us girls, talking, laughing, people watching overall an awesome time!



This next activity requires a bit more ahead of time planning and reservations.

Let me introduce you to LUSH! A store where they make handmade, vegan, all natural and cruelty free beauty products that work wonders! They sell products like bath bombs, lotion, scrubs, masks and soap bars. I have been hooked on their Ocean Salt Body Scrub for a couple of years now and as I went to restock a couple of days ago, I was so surprised to discover that they host private events/parties. Lush Shop Parties, what is that you ask?

 Well for 2 hours, you and your girls get the store to yourselves to learn about ingredients products are made from, massage techniques, make masks and both bombs and of course shop! The private shopping experience costs $300 or $50 per person for 6 people (maximum 12 people), in which each person receives a $50 gift card to shop at the end. If you check them out I highly highly recommend the Ocean Salt scrub, it will change your life, I promise!

There you have it my ladies, outfits and date ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girls this year….shoot! Every year for that matter! 

Let me know how you like the outfits and share your Valentine’s Day plans with us in the comments below. As for me, I was able to have galentine’s day with my mom and sister this past Sunday and my husband and I are going away for our anniversary this weekend. I’m so excited to share all the deets with you once we are back!

So do share your thoughts, And thank you for being patient with me and reading, it really means a lot! Tell your loved ones that you love them and hold them close!



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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

    • ElleJoelle
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      Thank you very much! 🤗

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