April Favorites

April has been such a busy month. I feel like we had something going on every weekend almost. My sister and I went on full swing with our floral arrangement business starting with our first small event, which was a success! I did a 5-day juice cleanse,I totally recommend it! Of course there was Easter, but it was a bit more special because my dad was here with us for the first time in a while. On the down side my mom had to rush to Haiti to tend to my grandma because she had to be hospitalized due to pneumonia, she is slowly getting back on her feet now thank God. Ezrah (we) got to meet his new baby cousin Gaia, it was the cutest thing watching him interact with her ! He’s going to be a great big brother. One day lol! Finally To wrap it all up some close friends of ours got married! So many blessings and great memories to cherish!


Now in the midst of all this , I compiled a couple of favorites this month.


1- Apple watch bracelet

I love this bracelet. It’s perfect for everyday wear but also adds an elevated touch.  I’ve been looking for one for some time now and after a bunch of tries, I finally found a winner. Other bands I tried were too large and/or looked cheap but this one  is slim and is of very good quality. It’s from Amazon and here’s the link HERE.

2- Dove body Polish

 I think I finally found a more affordable scrub that can compare to my holy grail scrub from Lush. Like the ocean salt scrub, you feel the difference right after the first use and I love that about it. The texture and consistency makes it very easy to apply in the shower. I tried two scents. The rice milk/macadamia is my favorite. Shop it HERE.


3- LXMI Crème du Nil Moisturizing Mineral veil

I haven’t found a moisturizer that does my skin better than the LXMI mineral veil.

I’ve actually been using it on and off for a couple years, every time I purchase it I’m reminded of how good it is. Their special ingredient, Nilotica, is what makes this moisturizer so special. It is very lightweight and gives the skin a dewy finish. 


4- Amber Vetiver from Dossier

I finally tried the Dossier perfumes and found Amber Vetiver to be my favorite scent. Inspired by Bal D’Afrique that Mattie James recommended on her favorite fragrances list. The scent is very deep and mysterious. The hero note  “Buchu (a shrub native to South Africa whose leaves have a very pleasant smell approaching that of blackcurrant buds)” provides that particular intense smell.

It makes for the perfect special occasion fragrance.


5- Individual Lashes

I found individual lashes and I’m never going back to struggling with strip ones. I can’t tell you how many strip lashes I’ve failed at applying. I love how easy they are to apply and you can customize the lash look to your liking. Shop the ones I’m wearing HERE from Ienvy.


That’s all for this month’s favorites and wishing you guys a great month of May!


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