Anniversary Getaway to Curacao

Hello everyone and welcome back! This year for our anniversary getaway we went to Curacao. It was somewhat of a special one, aside from our anniversary it was also the first time we would go away just the two of us without our son and we would also be celebrating our first year as parents (Ezrah’s first Birthday haha!).


Our criterias were simple, somewhere with perfect tropical weather where we would just relax and enjoy being with one another but also somewhere close to us. Curacao fit the bill perfectly.

The island is situated below the hurricane belt, which helps the weather stay perfect!

Since it would’ve been our first time away without our son, Ezrah I didn’t want to be away for too long. I wasn’t expecting


We were there for 2 full days thinking that wouldn’t be much to do and we would just find time to relax, but we were so wrong! Although small there are plenty of activities to do and wonderful things to see. 


Our favorite part of the trip was the day out in Willemstad. The historic district of Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage site, you guys know I’m a bit of a history enthusiast so I was looking forward to seeing the vibrant buildings. Coming from the Rif Fort museum center you have to cross the Queen Emma Bridge, which is a floating bridge and connect Otrobanda to willemstad. It was super cool! The view of the colorful buildings was stunning and the streets were lively with a waterfront restaurant, vibrant and colorful art like paintings and handmade goods.


After playing tourist for the afternoon we were looking for local lunch spots to eat at. We found Plasa Bieu, we were in for a treat! If you are in Curacao and looking for some delicious local lunch look no further. It is a kitchen hub that locals go to for lunch, so if this is where the locals gather to eat you know for sure that it’s authentic! There you find multiple kitchens offering local dishes. Being that we are from Haiti most of these dishes we were kind of familiar with. We opted for some fried fish and fried plantain from this super sweet haitian lady. And let me you guys, the fish was so so good, we constantly talk about it, my mouth is weathering as I’m typing this. Lunch at Plasa Bieu was the perfect end to our day out. Also let me just say that I very much enjoy a vacation stroll. Being outside in the sunlight makes me feel so good! Curacao gave us the perfect weather for that.


Curaçao is known for its spectacular beaches.

There are over 50 beaches you can visit, so we dedicated some time to do some beach hoping. Our first stop was at Grote knip. It blew us away, the ocean was the bluest I’ve ever seen! 

Most beaches are free to enter and access to lounge chairs and umbrellas are at a charge. Grote Knip is where we spent some time in the water.


I would very much like to go to Curacao again. I’d want to experience some other resorts, check more beaches and beach clubs. If we were there longer Two beach clubs to keep in mind would be Blue Bay and Zanzibar in Jan Thiel.


Here is a  list of things we would like to do/see when we go again:

-Dine at BijBlauw. This is a restaurant located right next to the ocean. We only had the opportunity to take a quick peak, the vibes were definitely there. Very relaxed with such stunning waterfront views.

-Have lunch at Landhuis Klein Santa Martha. It is a colonial style small boutique hotel located at the top of a hill that offers stunning views of the land. After doing some beach hoping we did head over there to hopefully grab lunch but it was to late and their kitchen was closed until dinner time. One of the staff members was kind enough to recommend we try somewhere else. We were there for just of few minutes but I was able to capture this stunning view below!

-Spend more time at the Coral Estate to explore the grounds. The staff at Santa Martha’s suggestion for lunch was at Karakter located in Coral Estate. We were in for a wonderful surprise. Coral Estate is wonderfully hidden away from all the commotion. Very private, it feels very exclusive and from the little that we saw the grounds are beautiful and the food at Karakter was delicious. Another waterfront spot that would be perfect for a sunset dinner!

-Check out some beach clubs like Blue Bay and Zanzibar in Jan Thiel.

-Visit caves and landmarks

Our trip to curacao was all the relaxation we needed to recharge and reconnect as a couple and we look forward to next time we get to come back.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about our trip.


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