So here’s the thing; I struggled most of my life to keep my closet organized and I’m still keeping myself in check to keep it that way. So in the efforts of doing so I put a couple of tips together to share with you.

1- Undress in your room. How many of us are guilty of leaving a trail of our clothes from the front door leading to the couch once we get back from work or school? Guilty! So undressing in your closet will facilitate putting your clothes back where they belong.      

2- Don’t leave empty hangers on the clothing rack. Once you pick out the clothes to wear don’t leave the hanger(s) on the closet rack. Instead leave unused hangers in a designated spot or better yet on a hanging hook on your door. This will eliminate clutter and keep your closet looking organized. Also keeping your hangers in a designated spot makes it easier to put your clothes BACK in case they need to go back.

3- Use your Hamper! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has that little pile of clothes that stay on THAT chair on the corner of the room. And next thing you know you have a mountain of clothes. What has helped me is putting used clothes in my hamper. If it is not going back on a hanger, put it in amper! Wow that rhymes lol!

Do you guy have other ways to keep your closet organized? Let me know !

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