3 Basic Rules on how to layer


I think that this blog post will be more than fitting for us down in South Florida and for every as well as winter is at its peak. It’s cold this week y’all!! Time to bundle up! But we can’t let bundling up cramp our style, oh no no no! And I’m here to guide you on how to layer up properly. Follow these rules and bundling up should be a breeze!


Often when we hear layering, our mind directly goes to adding. I try to see layering as a way for clothing items to complement each other.

I use this popular rule of thumb, which is to go from lightest to thickest. For example, If you know that you’ll be wearing a long sleeve coat, opt for a quarter sleeve or thin long sleeve top to add underneath or in my case I have on a sleeveless coat so I added a long sleeve sweater to keep me warm.

Also when it gets colder, adding a scarf is a great idea, but be cautious and on how you wear the scarf paired with a turtleneck for example or bulky sweater. I’m not saying that I can’t be done but be strategic about it so you don’t end up looking stuffy. Balance people, Balance! 

Also when complementing your layering pieces instead of pilling everything up, make sure that your outfit is versatile in the instance that if you have to take off a layer in case the temperature warms up  or if you are indoors. You will still look put together and not having to depend on your coat, for example , to make your outfit look good.


See how here my outfit still looks good and complete. The coat only COMPLEMENTS the outfit.


#2 Add a belt whenever possible!

With outerwear, you can easily get lost and loose shape to your outfit, especially if you have a petite frame. So adding a belt that will cinch your waist brings back that feminine shape and adds a very stylish touch. As you can see, for my outfit, the belt really ties the whole outfit together, without it everything would look way too floppy and over sized.

Another general tip: when styling your outfits, have your accessories match in texture, I love how that can make any outfit look very cohesive. Here I matched my suede boots with the suede belt!


#3 Bring on the basics!

I love a good print but what I appreciate about winter wear is how well you can get away with basic pieces and solid colors to bring about some amazing combination.

I’m really glad that I picked up this vest! Due to the fact that it’s white, the possibilities are endless on how many outfits I can create from this one piece.. I’m on my second cold climate outfit with this and it is just the beginning! I can pair with bright solid colors or neutral tones underneath and a pair of jeans, some boots, even a nice pair of pumps and you got yourself a style worthy outfit.

You can never go wrong with basics, so I say keep an eye out for pieces like these that can take you from drag to fab in a snap!


May you all stay warm AND stylish for the rest of season and thank you for reading!

I will be tagging the deets of this outfit on my instagram (@ellejoelle_)


Photography by: Coco Michele Photography


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